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Nobody Will It Better By Phil Edwards

So, it's late autumn 1977, it's a Saturday night, and also to a 7-year-old, the opportunity of staying up late is always welcome. The proven fact that I'd been "brave" whilst my dad had administered an ill-advised remedy to my infected, swollen nail-bitten finger, involving a kettle full of boiling water and a bread and potato poltis, had earned me a choice the cinema, or staying up late to watch Starsky & Hutch. Have you seen the brand new electrohouse nudisco music video from Grum? It's called "I Can't Shake This Feeling" and also the arrival of Grum is already causing hyperbolic excitement amidst the home / electro / disco community in anticipation of his forthcoming full length release "Heartbeats" which you can get more info on at his official website www.

And therefore it began the homicidal billionaire nutcase listening to classical music whilst feeding treacherous employees to sharks, and remotely detonating accomplices' bomb-laden helicopters. The entire audience was enthralled. Bond took-out certainly one of the other guys having a rocket fired from his ski-pole for God's sake! Why had I not been told about Bond before? How cool was this? .

Dad and I arrived at the cinema. For a moment, I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing...here was someone about to actually ski over a cliff! The sun spotlit the cliff edge as Bond, the lone skier hurtled through the blinding white and in to the nothingness. It was heaving. It was heaving. totallybond.

Dad and I arrived at the cinema. Guns were being fired, there have been back-flips, people being knocked everywhere. Whatever the case make sure to test out this electrohouse music video from Grum for yourself: "I Can't Shake This Feeling"! http://www. The video closes as the father bursts to the studio reproaching the sleazy director using the humourous slogan "We've got plenty of spaghetti!" .

I myself had never heard about "Feeder" videos but apparently this really is an established genre in adult movies. I stared in disbelief, convinced that guy was plummeting towards certain death. Fights at the Pyramids, fights on trains. But additionally, it tells a humourous narrative of your father seeing his daughter portrayed in certainly one of these videos while he sets out to rescue her from iniquity. I loved it.

Dad and I arrived at the cinema. The only sound was the wind as Bond fell. I loved it.

Phil http://www. There continues to be thematic comparisons with all the video for Simian Mobile Disco's "Hustler" which also features attractive girls, but from Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" to Eric Prydez "Call On Me" I think you can safely say that within the genre there is an established tradition of combining gorgeous girls with somewhat bizarre and abstract items and contexts. Whatever the truth be sure to test out this electrohouse music video from Grum for yourself: "I Can't Shake This Feeling"! http://www. Whatever the situation be sure to check on out this electrohouse music video from Grum for yourself: "I Can't chiave Shake This Feeling"! http://www. totallybond.

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